Our business began over twenty-four years ago with the production of crochet machines , coming from considerable experience in the production of machinery of different types especially on individual customerís demand.
During the years we have made huge steps forward in the development of technology applied in textile machinery, we have carried out more in-depth thematic studies for the application of electronic elements.

In 1991 was published in the monthly magazine "Textile Technology" an article which described our first electronic crochet knitting machine model " CO.ME.TA. Exotic "as a major innovation in the field, it was a recognition that we carry with pride in memory since we were the first to introduce the electronic model.
In the mid-90s, we have acquired some foreign representatives that since then, and still today, they sell our machines almost all over the world with remarkable success in all continents and with the great customer appreciation.

Our strength is tenacity in advancing our commitment, optimizing the quality / price ratio, to satisfy customer requests with special applications since we know that is decreased the number of machineís manufactures able to develop new technologies to cope with the increasing customerís demand about new articles and novelties.

Best Regards.
CO.ME.TA. Srl.