Fancy yarn

ELECTRONIC crochet knitting machine for the production of fancy yarns; it uses bearded needles it is equipped with weft bars electronically driven by a frontal control of 8,000 repetitions provided of keyboard for easy insertion of the drawing, with the particularity of immediate memory.

TOPAZIO-R has the particularity to enable the realization of sought “fancy yarn”, ideal for processing on hand or on textile machines by means of an essential device for cutting and by the perfect functionality. These types of yarns are characterized by a pleasant flag effect and are made by a chain (warp) in which is inserted a different weft depending on the effect that you want to give to the yarns themselves. The width of the fabric is related to the working width of the machine; the fabric

produced in the processing is finished with the cutting machine ASIA SC or wound onto the beam and then finished by an external cutting machine called ASIA SE.

TOPAZIO-R on demand can be supplied with a piker kit and cut.

TOPAZIO-R also has an UPS that in case of black-out allows the possibility to not lose the position of the pattern avoiding reset when restarting the machine.

TOPAZIO-R has a control system of all the anomalies that are shown on the display, stopping automatically the machine.

The machine has a constant updating according to EC safety standards.


– From 2 to 8 weft bars electronically driven
– Check panel for automatic stop of machine in case of breakage of weft and warp yarns, empty cones, improper winding of the product
– Machine stop lamp: blinking in case of anomalies, fixed in the case of stop
– Inverter – electronic speed variator
– Electronic system patented at 8000 repetitions on weft bars
– Programming front screen
– Slow motion button
– Revolutions counter device
– Unit counter device with preselector
– Meters counter with preselector
– 4 shifts meters counter device
– Electronic stitch density regulator device
– Weft yarns frame with 2 reeds
– Adjustable anti vibration feet
– General stop and safety machine device in accordance with EC standards
– USB/LAN connection


Positive warp yarns feeder
2 bars weft device up to 50 mm (mechanical adjustment)
Beam diam. 800 mm.
Motorized beam carrier diam.800 mm. with folding device
Motorized beam carrier diam. 800 mm. without folding device
ASIA RA collecting system on reel
ASIA SC cutting system
ASIA MR collector 96 heads on reels
ASIA SE external cutting system
Piker device for yarns
Rear beam carrier
Front beam carrier

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